OMEGA CARE PLANNING COUNCIL, LLC Successfully Navigating VETERAN Benefits and Continuum Long Term Care Solutions
 OMEGA CARE PLANNING COUNCIL, LLC Successfully Navigating VETERAN Benefits  and Continuum Long Term Care Solutions

OMEGA Care Planning Council

Helping our Veteran Families Navigate Care and Benefits.




EXCELLENT TREATMENT for VETERANS  and UNIFORMED  PERSONNEL desperately seeking their "Life Back"!!



Veterans and others who have suffered for years from anxiety or distressing memories, nightmares, insomnia, memories of abuse or other traumatic events can now gain relief from a revolutionary  therapy called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) now being offered by Omega Care Planning Council's newest division AlphaLife Care Services.


Research shows that EMDR is rapid, safe and effective. EMDR does not involve the use of drugs or hypnosis. It is a simple, non-invasive patient-therapist collaboration in which healing can happen effectively.This powerful short-term therapy is highly effective.


Many veterans who have made slow progress in the past, or who have not benefited from more traditional therapies say that with EMDR they have finally found something that works for them!


EMDR is a more complicated form of psychotherapy than mere counseling. It has been the most researched form of treatment for PTSD and has been proven effective in many research studies. Currently the Department of Veteran Affairs promotes EMDR but seldom has counselors whom are trained and certified. The veteran therefore usually seeks private providers. OMEGA is Proud to be the NEWEST Private Provider given by our Licensed Counselor, Kimberly D'Amico.  "It is considered an "evidence-based" form of treatment and both the American Psychological Association, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Defense Department find it very effective for treating PTSD".


Researchers at Harvard have found that EMDR helps rewire trauma related memory in the brain. They found that post-treatment memories of trauma involve more parts of the brain than did the same memories before treatment. The result is that the trauma related emotional pain is greatly reduced or eliminated. It is common for EMDR to completely eliminate the pain of previously mind-shattering memories. For more information on EMDR, you can visit the international website or call OMEGA at 919-552-3111 ext 110 and schedule an assessment.


FOR A LIMITED TIME - AlphaLife Care Services is offering a FREE 30 minute Assessment - Check out our "All About EMDR" page for more details. 


Our newest division of Omega  -- Read all about it as it is very significant .  We here at Omega continue to push forward with solutions for our aging population and now have over 19 disciplines on the council to serve them with best possible solutions.  With over 2000 clients, we are very excited in the newest aquisition of services.  AlphaLive Care Services as a wholly DBA company of Omega Care Planning Council, LLC:



Alpha Life Care Services

is the "hands-on" service side of Omega.

With a focus on Wellness, Alpha seeks to guide clients toward a Holistic approach to living Life Well...


Using a team approach, Alpha provides Professional

Therapists and Counselors to assist with all your 

transitions in life.


Some of our Services include:


Trauma Focused Mental Health Counseling

  • EMDR
  • Stress Inoculation, Desensitization
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Music Therapy

Life Coaching to include Career, Wellness, Retirement

Spiritual Care

Case Management

Crisis Interventions/Family conflict resolution

Mindfulness/Stress reduction

Group Art & Music Therapy Programs

Reminiscent group activities

Nutritional Counseling

Aromatherapy, Acupuncture (referrals)

Community Placement/Home Health/Service Dog Referrals

Support Groups: Caregiver, Veteran, LGBTQ, Grief/Loss



Email us at



Helping families that are hurting...OMEGA Care Planning Council is a single source of professional advisers who help families Navigate Long Term Care Solutions. We strive to be the one stop provider for all your Eldercare and LongTerm Care needs including:  




And others... See ElderCare Services for complete listing of our 19 disciplines.

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Omega’s  Non-Discrimination Policy:


                Recognizing that prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping are prevalent through society,  and dedicated to the creation of a safe, secure space for those seeking services with us, it shall be the policy of Omega Care Planning Council to maintain and promote an office environment that provides the highest quality of services to our clients, our employee's, and each other.

                Omega will take all reasonable steps within its control to meet the diverse needs of all clients seeking services and provide an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. This includes no discrimination towards ones' race, ethnicity, religion, differing abilities, socio economic status, political affiliations, sexual orientation (actual or perceived), gender identity, age.

              LGBTQ clients receiving services at Omega Care Planning Council shall receive fair and equal treatment, without bias, and shall be treated in a professional manner.


DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of our listing service on this website is to assist you in contacting long term care providers or advisors in your area who may be helpful to you. There is no charge to you for using this service. In Network Providers, Partners and Advisors of OMEGA, featured on this site, have agreed to abide by an ethical code of conduct. We hope that our team or anyone else we refer you to will treat you in an honest, fair and equitable manner. However, it is up to you to determine for yourself the integrity, experience or capability of any provider we refer you to. The OMEGA Care Planning Council is not responsible if your experience with any of our referrals is not satisfactory.


Other service providers and advisers listed on this site, who are not part of the Omega Care Planning Council, are listed only for information purposes. We have deliberately not provided contact information for these service providers and we neither endorse these providers nor have we any experience with their services. We do not verify the background or business practice of these providers. If you contact any providers listed on this site, who are not members of the OMEGA Care Planning Council, we take no responsibility for the services they provide.


Some non-in network providers listed on this site may no longer be offering services relating to the listing. If you are aware of any listings that are inaccurate please let us know and we will remove them

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